River Cruises

Travel to the center of a region’s history, culture, and attractions. Journey through a scenic landscape into the heart of famous cities and towns of the world. River Cruising has become increasingly popular and a change from large-ship ocean cruising. Spend just a little time to arrive and a lot of time to exploreing historical destinations. Sail down one of the world’s famous waterways throughout Europe, Egypt, Asia, and even South America. Highly trained chefschefs, who are passionate about food and committed to the culinary experience, provide specialty meals nightly. Shore excursions and complimentary wines with dinner are often included in the river cruise.

Because river cruising is a new experience, let Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel help you choose the best vacation destination and tour that fits your travel preferences. River cruises are comfortable and, convenient, and allows you to have experience more about different destinations than you could encounter any other way.

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Our Europe River Cruises include:

  • Danube River Cruises
  • Rhine River Cruises
  • Seine River Cruises
  • Main River Cruises
  • Moselle River Cruises
  • Rhone River Cruises

Our Asia River Cruises include:

  • Yangtze River Cruises
  • Mekong River Cruises
  • Nile River Cruises
Danube River Cruise

Danube River Cruise


5 Reasons to Choose River Cruises


1. Visit Great Cities of the World

      Cities and towns of the world like Paris, Vienna, Budapest, St. Petersburg, and the likes were actually developed on waterways. They were first accessed by water transportation (boats and ships) and now you can sail directly to the heart of these destinations on a river cruise.
River Cruise Cabin

River Cruise Cabin


2. Maximum Comfort throughout the Trip

      You only unpack once for relaxation in your spacious stateroom after boarding the ship. Another good thing about River Cruise is that the likelihood of motion sickness is lessened because river cruising offers smooth sailing.


3. A More Friendly Experience

      Each of our river cruise ships accommodates up to 300 persons; this gives travelers onboard the opportunity to meet and make new friends for a lifetime. You don’t need to wait long to embark or disembark. Meals are served in a timely manner.


4. New Scenery throughout Your Entire Journey

      You may see fairy tale palaces, towering gorges carved through millennia and tiny villages nestled in the timeless beauty of surrounding landscapes. Enjoy breathtaking scenery that’s constantly changing through panoramic windows in the restaurant and lounge, and stunning 360° views from the sun deck.


5. Travel Your Way

      Come on board and be part of the guided and in-depth excursion planned exclusively for you in each destination. You can even sightsee on your own, depending on how you want explore.


The choice is yours.

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