Natick High Trip to Montreal

  • Destination: Canada, Montreal

Montréal is an exhilarating city bursting with fun, energy and creativity. Students will explore all facets of classical music, by attending innovative and stimulating educational concerts presented by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra plus have opportunities to perform. Be amazed by the architectural sights. Modern buildings are situated right next to some of the oldest and most fascinating structures.

Join the Music Department for a stimulating experience in Canada.

Travel Insurance Claim UPDATE

[4/16/20]  Several parents have received emails from Travel Safe Insurance or Seven Corners (the claims processing center) that additional documents are required for their claim.  Disregard these notices.

Blue Dynasty ENT spoke to the claims supervisor and verified that from the list of names previously provided, a claim was initiated for all students.  All of the supporting documents have been received.  All claims are active.

  • The only action required by parents is to submit the Payment Authorization Form to request your refund.  Click here to get the form
  • Every application that already submitted the Payment Authorization Form is approved.  They will begin processing checks as soon as the form is uploaded into their system.  Due to their work volume, forms take a few days to be processed into their system.

Refund Amount

The refund will be $71.25.  Travel Safe has deducted the $40 cost of insurance from the $135 claim.  Payments will be sent via the method of payment instruction listed on the Payment Authorization Form.  The choices are by mail or by ACH direct deposit.

  • Payment can be expected 3-4 weeks after the Payment Authorization Form is received.
  • Forms already received are being processed.


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Travel Safe Payment Authorization Form

Form availaballe at:


Trip Itinerary

Montreal Itinerary  
ThursMay 21, 2020Depart Natick High School
FriMay 22, 2020Notre Dame Basilica
SatMay 23, 2020Montreal Tower Observatory
Space for Life Museum
SunMay 24, 2020Montreal Symphony
MonMay 25, 2020Return to Natick High School

Travel Package Includes

  • Round trip transportation by motor coach
  • Meals:  all breakfasts and all dinners
  • Accommodations at 4-star hotel
  • Entrance to activities and tours
  • Travel Protection plan coverage for Trip Interruption,
    Trip Delay, Baggage Loss or Delay, Emergency Medical Expense,Evacuation, 24-Hour Emergency Assistance and more


A  passport is required for travel on this trip to Canada


In response to the Coronavirus, this school trip is cancelled.


Families will receive 100% of refundable expenses and 75% of non-refundable expenses paid for this trip.   You will receive an electronic check from Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel  by email on March 21, 2020 for the refundable portion.  Check your email.  The non-refundable expenses are $135.00 and an insurance claim is needed to recover these expenses.


[4/16/20] Update:  Travel Safe has deducted the $40 cost of insurance from the $135 claim.  The claim amount is $95.


You will receive an email from Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel with the echeck

  2. Watch the video for more information on echecks
  3. Scroll down to select - CONTINUE AS GUEST
  4. Accept the payment terms and conditions
  5. Print the check

Checks are valid for 90 days


All students were enrolled in the Travel Safe "Protect-a-Group Comprehensive Plus" Travel Insurance plan.  The plan covers up to 75% of the non-refundable expenses.   An insurance claim is required for the non-refundable expenses.

A copy of the insurance plan and certificate of enrollment was emailed to parents when students registered in November and December.  Look in your email for Plan Purchase Confirmation - PAGSP19.  The email contains your the coverage, the policy number (Policy Number: FSG19-190102-AOSPAGSP), ID card and certificate number.

Blue Dynasty has initiated the claim process with Travel Safe Insurance on behalf of all parents.   A list of all students plus proof of expenses has already been submitted.  At this point, Travel Safe is still requesting each parent to submit a Payment Authorization Form to request the insurance payment.  The non-refundable expenses are $135 per student.  The anticipated refund should be $101.25 per student.


[4/16/20] UPDATE:  Travel Safe has deducted the $40 cost of the insurance from the claim.  The claim is $95.  The refund will be $71.25.



  • Complete the Payment Authorization Form to request your refund.  The policy is in the student's name. Add student name to the top of the form.   If you have two students, complete two forms.
  • Add the Insurance Certificate Number (from your email) to the top of the form if you have it.    Travel Safe was already provided with your certificate number on the master list.  If you are unable to find the number, don't worry.
    • Example:  Student:  (student name)    Policy # (add policy number)
  • Contact Information - use the parent name, address, email and telephone.  The check will be sent to the parent.
  • Refunds will be sent based on the payment method selected.  Choices are by mail or ACH electronic deposit



Create an account and upload your Payment Authorization Form

Mail to:

  • Seven Corners, Inc
  • Attn: Travel Safe Claims PAGSP19
  • 303 Congressional Boulevard
  • Carmel, IN 46032

Fax to:

  • (+1) 317-575-2256

Email to:


(email attachments can not be larger than 10 MB)

If more information becomes available, it will be posted here.


Tour Code:             NATICKHS

Travel Dates:        Thursday, May 2  to Monday, May 25, 2020

Trip Cost:         $770 per person

For more information from the Travel Agent, use the "Ask a Question" button.   Ask a Question




Montreal Tower Observatory

Montreal Symphony

Old Montréal

Notra Dame Basilica