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When it comes to group travel, think Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel, for immeasurable experience and the right skills. Join us to travel on one of our custom Open Groups  that are pre-planned. Or choose to let us help you Plan Your Own Group travel event with your friends, family members and loved ones! Destination Wedding experts help you plan and enjoy your event.

At Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel, you also get personalized travel planning for all groups: business, family, social, and professional groups.

We assist you by:
• Conducting research on your choice of destinations
• Booking all transportation and accommodations
• Managing all payments and logistics for your group, and
• Arranging off-site excursions, adventures and activities.

Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel’s tour network (of trusted and reliable hotels and tour operators) covers all continents. Some of those travel destinations include Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and more. Group travel helps people to discover and explore new destinations with a small group of tourists having the same travel interests and guided by an expert company like Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel that has research your choice destination.


Open Groups is a tour specially designed for new travelers. All new members are welcome on board. The Open Group tour is organized by Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel with added amenities, unique features as well as special value pricing. We guarantee you a worry-free experience with all details carefully planned.

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Are you planning travel for a group getaway, business meeting or celebration? Need help coordinating the details and communicating with travelers? Plan Your Own Group is best for you! Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel group travel experts will ensure your group gets an unforgettable travel experience customized to meet your group needs.

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Although Destination Wedding is a very thrilling and enjoyable occasion, it can be difficult and frustrating to plan. This is when you really need the help of our destination wedding experts to create the memorable experience you deserve. Plan a Destination Wedding with Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel today; and you’d wish you did this earlier!

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Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel has other popular tour options like, All-Inclusive Vacations, Cruise Vacation, Adventure Travel, and so much more.

Advantages of Group Travel

  • Unlike individual travel, group travel has more value because it’s packaged with better amenities and other side attractions
  • A safe and comfortable way to enjoy your vacation with your colleagues, family members, friends or people sharing similar interests.
  • Your entire vacation is organized in just one convenient package. Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel will coordinate the flights, hotel accommodations, transfers, meals, tours and activities.
  • Group travel gives you peace of mind, to enjoy your choice destinations.
  • With group travel, you get some exciting perks such as quick check-in at hotels, “skip the line” preference at tour sites and special seating. These are some of the special tour benefits exclusively for group travel.
  • Travelers are given customized travel documents together with travel tips and information.
  • There are experienced tour managers on Open Groups that will go with you on the trip to ensure you get a hassle-free experience.

With group travel, you get professional assistance. It’s our goal at Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel to satisfy you!